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Jim Neathery

Letter from the Director

After 500 years of Ottoman rule and nearly 50 years of harsh Stalinist Communism, Albania is open to the Gospel. For the last ten years God has been at work in the hearts and minds of men and women in Albania. He is building His church. Many young men and women are talented for leadership roles. It is our job to train them. For such a time as this the Center for Christian Leadership exists.

I am glad that by intention, or by surfing the web, you are exploring our website. Many people all over the world want to help the church in Albania to grow. They pray. They send books. They invest financially. They come here short term and long term to labor with us. Some send homemade chocolate chip cookies. Whatever their contribution, people worldwide find a niche in which to help support the development of the church in Albania through their involvement with The Center for Christian Leadership. With growing anticipation and momentum, I invite you to join the TEAM!

Read on through our website to get a better understanding of who we are and what we are all about. And, before you log off, take a moment to pray for the CCL.

        Thank You,

        James A. Neathery